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Saver or a Spender? High Fives Challenge!

Saver or a Spender? High Fives Challenge!
We are loving living in our built from scratch home - soon we will have been here 9 years!
My husband and crew of sons built it from scratch.
And it only happened because we were saving and salvaging for many years. 
I’m not naturally a saver -- I’ll just have to admit it -- I’m a spender.
But for the past few years I’ve been working hard to budget and keep our finances in order.
Good things take time! 
I've created a fun savings challenge to hopefully get us in the habit of saving! Won't you join me?  
This is the budgeting workbook I am currently using. I bought them as gifts this year as they are just what I need and under $10!

Will you take on the HIGH FIVES CHALLENGE with me for 2020?

Here's how the challenge works: every time you get a $5 in change throughout the week while using cash— save it and put it in a savings jar or a cash envelope. I've made you a label to create a cute homemade savings piggy bank (aka re-purposed glass jar) and if you prefer to keep it in a cash envelope...I've made you one of those too that you can make all by yourself! 


I save jars. If they have a good lid. They are keepers.  I usually get my stash of spray paint and give the lid a new look.  This one used to be full of pickles.
It is now my homemade piggy bank savings jar for the HIGH-FIVE challenge.

I've made you a record slip to keep inside the jar and a label. Simply adhere it to your clean re-purposed jar with wide clear packaging tape! 


At the end of 2020 you can take out all the fives and add it up and be surprised at the total you will have saved to use for something you need.
If you are spend-thrifty enough and check off every circle --
you will have saved $500!!

I'd be really encouraged if you leave a comment that you are taking the challenge along with me! It's always so nice to hear from my readers.

And if a homemade envelope or re-purposed glass jar bank won't do and you really want to stash your bills into a real pink piggy bank...
Here is where this darling one is available




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  • Martha Greene
Comments 2
  • Gabrielle

    I love this idea! I am doing the envelope challenge! Thank you :)

  • Gloria Zepeda
    Gloria Zepeda

    Thank YOU , SUPER CUTE. inspire me to saving challenge

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