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How to Adapt a Cookbook's Recipe for a BOSCH Kitchen Mixer 0

If you have a BOSCH Kitchen Mixer you know it performs its best with a large batch of dough that yields 4 - 6 loaves. It makes baking bread for the...
  • Martha Greene


Plowing through my momsy's old files while organizing my studio, I stumbled across this clipped poem. I don't know when she clipped it. I don't kno...
  • Martha Greene

What's Your Car Say? 0

My car windshield seems to stop traffic! We often have people snapping pics while passing us...and it was even crazier when my kids with driver's l...
Mini Roll-Top Desk Redo

Mini Roll-Top Desk Redo 0

This piece has been in the family for years. My little girls played with it and now my girl's dearies play with it. It is a favorite place for the ...