Best Homemade Pancake Mix Recipe Ever!

Best Homemade Pancake Mix Recipe Ever!
Move over Aunt Jemima! 
I can do this at home with ingredients from my pantry
and have the convenience of a store bought pre-made pancake
mix with the taste of homemade and no preservatives! And it is easy
to mix up and add to a pretty gift basket for a gift of homemade love! 
Making pancakes is something the children love to do and it is simple
enough for beginner cooks! Here is a simple dry mix you can mix up to
be ready any morning to mix up some pancakes.  It is also the perfect
item to be the centerpiece of a pancake gift basket--all made from scratch!
Be sure to make a recipe card to slip into your basket with the simple recipe
on how to stir up the mix to make pancakes. I add it to my canister at home
so it will be right there handy when it is time to stir some up and you will need
to add one to your gift basket if you are giving away the homemade mix.
I've made you a printable one here!
Ingredients to make a mix
5 lb bag of unbleached all-purpose flour
1 cup organic cane sugar 
¾ c. + 2 Tbsp. aluminum-free baking powder 
2 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. Sea Salt
Be sure to stir the dry ingredients really really well so that all ingredients
will be evenly distributed. Keep it in an airtight container with the recipe
label I've provided below.
The Recipe:
(to make pancakes from the homemade mix)
2 cups dry homemade pancake mix
1 cup milk or buttermilk
2 eggs
¼ cup oil
Mix all briefly with an electric beater or stiff whisk
until combined. Ladle onto hot pancake griddle.
Flip once when surface appears dry with bubbles.
Serve hot with butter and maple or fruit syrup.
My inspiration for a homemade gift.
I love to give!
 Place 4 cups of dry mix in a mason jar and add a homemade
tag with the recipe. My little inexpensive secret for adding
homemade tags is to cover them with wide clear packing tape.
This makes a waterproof seal on them and keeps them
firmly adhered to the jar or bag.

Or make a “love” basket with an assortment filling
the basket like a heart spatula or stirring spoon, apron,
your homemade pancake mix, a bag of blueberry gourmet coffee,
and maple syrup.  Don't forget to add the recipe label inside
so they can stir up their own delicious batch of
homemade pancakes from the easy convenient mix! 
I would love to hear a comment from you below
if you make your own mixes for convenience
-- at home -- from scratch! 


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  • Martha Greene
Comments 2
  • Martha

    Thanks for sharing Pat! You have been a true loyal friend to “MarmeeDear” for so many years. I really do love this recipe as it is the perfect hostess gift to make from scratch with ingredients from the pantry. And it makes pancake suppers (who doesn’t love breakfast for supper?) so easy if your mix is already made up — homemade with love!

  • Pat Mills
    Pat Mills

    I love this whole post! Thank you for sharing and I am saving your recipe…….always….. I am also sharing this post on my Blog FB page today. My new home on the blog is Just Simple Hospitality – https://justsimplehospitality.com/ and I am on FB and IG for my blog. Love you so much, Martha! You have taught me so much and I still continue to learn from you.

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