Easy Homemade Picnic Food: Pigs In a Blanket

Easy Homemade Picnic Food: Pigs In a Blanket

Homemade fresh and makes the perfect Bake&Take picnic food! 
*These freeze well for make-ahead*

Watch my video below on how easy the dough is to work with and to wrap up your "piggies".

*Note: Cut hot dogs in half then I pre-cook my all natural uncured hot dogs in a cast iron skillet with a little pat of butter and brown them and allow to cool, before wrapping them up! 

Place the following ingredients in a large kitchen mixer equipped with dough hook and the dough hook extender.

Add ingredients in this sequence:
4 Tablespoons dry milk powder
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 teaspoons sea salt
1 1/2 cups very warm water (110°-120°)
1 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour (King Arthur®)
2 Tablespoons instant yeast (SAF®)
More unbleached all purpose flour will be used in the next step.
Mix briefly on a medium speed and then add in:
1 egg
Next add in:
2 1/2-3 more cups unbleached all-purpose flour
Mix until you have a soft dough. Dough should be very soft and workable but NOT sticky, NOT heavy either. When all flour is incorporated and dough is smooth, turn off mixer. DO NOT knead. Cover mixer bowl and let dough “rest” for 15-20 minutes.

*While dough is resting, grill 13 all-beef nitrate-free hot dogs until browned. I use a cast iron skillet with a dab of butter to brown the hot dogs. Cut each in half to make a short length.

Divide dough into 26 golf ball size pieces. Stretch and work with fingers to make each small ball a 4”x 1” rectangle. Take each half piece hot dog and simply “wrap up” with a rectangle of dough. It’s just like rolling up a sleeping bag!

Place onto greased baking sheets with 2” between each piggy in it's own blanket.
Bake at 350° for 15-20 minutes or until "blankets" are golden brown. Brush with butter after removing from oven.

Serve warm with a dipping sauce of ketchup swirled with yellow mustard.

This dough is uh-mazing and I use this recipe for making a Cold Veggie Pizza Crust or for pockets (turnovers) that can be filled with any filling of your choice. It works for a lot of things--not just wrapping up "piggies"--tell me how it turned out for you in the comments below!

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