Life & Loss : Taking Time to Begin. Again.

Life & Loss : Taking Time to Begin. Again.

When my 23 year-old son was first killed by a drunk driver on 10.14.2022, the grief, the shock, the deep sadness was so heavy, almost too difficult to bear. . .it's been 18 months now and I am slowly starting to move forward and taking the time.

Time to create. . .to sing. . .to tend the flowers. . .to savor the breezes and raindrops. . .to greet the sky. . .and watch the sun slip down on another day. It's never easy. . .but one day. . .like it was for me. . .a photograph or a memory of someone very dear, long gone, will visit your mind and you will bow your head in appreciation. Meanwhile, take your pain and trouble to The Comforter, leave it there and start slow. . .but. . .begin. again.

Oh, the memories we created building my stone paths and a little garden here on our acres, the handprints of all sizes belonging to my precious sons forever imprinted on the stones. And now, all the grandchildren creating memories and remembering, as the landscape of my garden is ever changing while time passes on by. . .

All the flowers you see in this video are on our 200 wild and wooly acres and I'm forever thankful I can once again tend the flowers and visit the peaceful spot here on our acres - THE RESTING PLACE and putter in my garden and remember.

Supplies needed for a flower print are:
-Small hammer or rubber mallet
-Fresh snipped pansies
-Clear plastic to cover flower (I used a clear document folder I found in my office supplies and cut up small squares)
-Small scissors to snip the stems
-Heavy Watercolor Paper
-Watercolor paint
-Paint brush in medium and small
-0.5mm black gel pen (rollerball tip)
Optional: Tweezers to peel off the hammered flower - I just used the tip of my tiny scissors.

video creation by Marmee

"begin again" adapted from the writing of Jeannette Encinias

Music Credits: C. Clavier for Pixabay

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