Tooth Talk : Honest Review of Candid Aligners

Tooth Talk : Honest Review of Candid Aligners

Today I am talking Tooth-Talk! It's a little out of the ordinary from my posts on our built-from-scratch life here on our acres in rural South Carolina but I always say "A smile is the least expensive way to improve your looks" and it's true! And we are die-hard DIY'ers...when I saw the ads to straighten my teeth from home, I jumped on it.

I wore braces from age 14-17. I became Mrs. Greene at age 18 and somehow had the notion that I was all grown-up now didn't need my retainers. They were a lot of trouble to keep up with and I was happy with my straightened smile and was foolish to think it would stay that way over the years. 

Fast forward to age 59.  My stubborn front tooth had been really crooked until I got my braces off in highschool. Now it was getting "crookeder" over the years and my bite had long since reverted back to a cross bite by not wearing retainers.

My birthday 59th gift to myself was to get clear aligners from CANDID. I had high hopes of getting perfectly straight teeth once again.  Here is my honest review of my own experience with clear aligners from CANDID

Convenience. I loved the fact I didn't have to go 50 minutes away to the orthodontist. It was NOT easy to do the initial photos and molds! It definitely takes someone else to help to get accurate photos of your teeth. They have strict and specific requirements and I had to send in multiple sets of photos before they would accept them. It is NOT the most flattering thing to have your mouth pulled wide open and have photos taken! 

Packaging. It was over-the-top quality! All the pamphlets were clear, easy to follow instructions, and the boxes were beautiful- almost too nice to be even called a "box". I have saved them and re-purposed them for storage containers.

Customer Service. I would give it 5 stars! It was helpful to receive email reminders when it was time to change my aligners and even when I had to call and email over and over trying to get answers on my still crooked teeth after a year long treatment - they were always courteous although I did get pretty frustrated on the long wait between my 1st treatment being completed and my extended treatment of aligners arriving (about 6 months!)

Professionalism. I was impressed by the 3D imaging they create so I could see how my teeth were moving over time. But I will say my teeth did NOT perform as perfectly as the imaging.  I understand I had to take into account my age and that it was no small feat to get teeth to budge from where they had been for so many years!  The first and only video conference I had with a "DR" was more like skyping with someone who had just crawled out of bed and was late for their appointments but I was satisfied enough with the information I received and moved forward with their plan.

Comfort. I vividly recall the pain and ache of actual braces in my highschool years.  The aligners move your teeth very slowly - probably too slowly in my opinion.  It was really difficult to get a new set to snap into place but once they were on - it never was pain just the feeling kinda like a new pair of shoes that are too tight! It always passed after the first 48 hours. 

Treatment. When I completed my aligner treatment (I was given 17 sets to wear and change out every 2 weeks) I was pretty disappointed with the results. There wasn't that much improvement from when I started except for my bite was some improved!

Results. Pretty disappointing and not at all like the perfectly aligned 3D image of my own set of teeth that they showed me. I am sure it works for some people but apparently my age had something to do with my results. I was initally pretty excited when I saw the image of what my teeth were to look like after treatment.

 STARTED with this SMILE


They refunded me $100 trying to keep me a happy customer. I had to begin the process all over again with taking photos and making molds but they sent me a complimentary kit this time around. Then they lost me in the system. It took nearly 6 months for them to send me aligners to continue the process.I kept wearing my last set from the aligners to not get back to square one where I had started. 

I contacted them multiple times through that time and  they always assured me I would get further treatment. They ended up refunding me another $100. And finally I got another batch of aligners. I was to wear 10 more sets changing out every 2 weeks with high hopes of having a straight front tooth once again.

I began with the extended treatment set of aligners in July of 2018 and I am wearing aligner #26 now with my very last set to begin next week. And I am disappointed with my results as you can see very little change. But I am looking on the bright side and going to keep smiling anyway!


My momsy used to get tickled telling the joke about the old lady who only had 2 teeth left! The old lady said, "I only got me 2 teeth left and thank goodness they both meet!" 

Find something to smile about today! It's always the least expensive way to improve your looks! 


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