BUCKEYES :: Printable Recipe

PRINTABLE RECIPE from Marmee's Built from Scratch Life


Marmee’s Tip:

I have found using Nestles brand chocolate chips works best as they seem to harden better than other brands. 



Add into a large bowl:

[Single recipe]                                                       [Double recipe]

1 ½ cups *peanut butter                                       3 cups *peanut butter *(creamy-style unless you are a nut freak like I am and then crunchy peanut butter is even better!)
1 cup butter (2 sticks)                                           2 cups butter (4 sticks)
½ tsp. vanilla extract                                            1 tsp. vanilla extract
6 cups confectioner’s sugar                                 12 cups confectioner’s sugar

Mix all together well. You will probably just have to use clean hands and get right into that bowl to get it mixed well. The dough will be dry. Roll into 1 inch-size balls using your hands. They will form nice smooth balls as you work and roll them into shape. Place the formed balls on cookie sheets lined with parchment or wax paper. Press a toothpick into each ball. (This will be used as your handle for dipping in the next step.) Chill the balls in the freezer until firm and cold. This should be about 1 hour or less. 

Dipping time!

*4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips                  *8 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
*(Nestle’s brand works best!)
Set up a glass or stainless bowl that fits inside a larger cooking pot.  Place 2 inches of water in the bottom of the pot. Put the bowl inside the pot with water. Add chocolate chips to bowl. Heat the water in the cooking pot to a boil.  Stir the chocolate chips a few times until mostly melted. Add in 1 tsp. (2 tsp.double recipe) coconut oil. Stir over hot water with heat turned off until chocolate mixture is smooth and melted.
Dip the chilled/frozen balls into the chocolate using the toothpick as a handle. Allow excess to drip off and set back onto trays. Chocolate coating will set up quickly if refrigerated but is not necessary if dipping the balls when still frozen.