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Gluten-Free Ready Mixes


My daughter, Erica, recently created a slice of heaven for those who eat gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free and haven't tasted something as close to a real slice of wonder white bread in what seems like forever!

Her creation is high-protein, high-fiber, low-carb and is amazing toasted and slathered with butter and real fruit spread, or bake it in a mini-loaf pan and get yourself a big fat submarine sandwich bun sprinkled  with sesame seeds! How long has it been that you could sink your teeth into a real fat round hamburger bun that doesn't crumble and tastes JUST LIKE a real BUN!

She has created 2 varieties JUST-LIKE-WHOLE-WHEAT  and JUST-LIKE-WHITE! Only 4 simple ingredients + 1 SECRET! These are absolutely grain-free:yeast-free:gluten-free:starch-free:high-fiber:low-carb:sugar-free:& dairy-free! Offered exclusively here at MarmeeDear & Company.

The READY MIX packets are hand-packaged with loving care with high quality ingredients right here in Marmee's Kitchen. Each READY MIX makes a large single serving: 1 large bun or 4 waffles or 2 slices or a personal pizza. The READY MIX can be made into a bun, mini square loaf for slicing (2-3 slices), waffles, pizza crust or flatbread or even croutons for your salad! It's all in the type of pan you choose to bake it in.

Simply add 1 ingredient at home then STIR & BAKE.
No advanced baking skills needed! 
16g of protein in each prepared mix and only 3g net carbs!

that tells you everything you wanted to know about the READY MIX. 

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