Pure & Natural Pain Roll-On Relief

I literally use pure therapeutic grade essential oils 365 days a year! Here is the recipe I use for over-stretched ligaments, sore muscles in a convenient roll-on bottle. You can view 3 simple informative videos here at my EO shoppe to educate yourself on using essential oils as a natural relief from ordinary aches and pains.

30 drops DEEP BLUE OIL (Pain relieving soothing blend)
15 drops BASIL (Spasm relief)
15 drops LEMONGRASS (Ligament relief)
15 drops EUCYLPTUS (Anti-Inflammatory) 
15 drops ROSEMARY (circulation)
15 drops MARJORAM (tendon tension relief)
10 drops BLACK PEPPER (analgesic/anti inflammatory/anti spasmodic) 
10 drops PEPPERMINT (helps oils go through)
CARRIER OIL (fractionated coconut oil)
I simply roll on lightly on the area of muscle, ligament or back pain every 4 hours.
Then I massage into the skin. I cup my hands over my nose and inhale the aroma
after applying oils to the affected area. And then remember to not rub my eyes!
Disclaimer: Consult your physician. This is what I do and I am not a medical professional but take charge of my own  health and wellness. This recipe is not intended as a cure for any disease.