Baked Oatmeal : Old-Fashioned Breakfast

Baked Oatmeal : Old-Fashioned Breakfast

Here is the scoop on how I ended up writing my first full-length cookbook (waaaay back when) -- for the curious at heart. Read all about it here. 

Here is a freebie preview of a few of the cookbook pages and it includes an old-fashioned yummy recipe for Baked Oatmeal. It's the perfect meal to start off these chilly winter mornings with! And since it National Oatmeal month -- it's perfect!

I have served my fair share of meals through my 42 years of marriage and 11 children around the family table! Now when our family gathers at Thanksgiving time we have to use a table over 50 feet long! 

                                          The Barn at Greene Acres

Martha's Family Cookery Book is back in print if you are interested in trying more whole foods and cooking and baking from scratch with all the menus prepared for you...get your copy here!

Here is what Molly ( a homemaker) had to say about the cookbook:
“An incredible resource for any and every homemaker. Especially when it comes to using whole foods, yet not being overly complicated (or expensive). But that's probably because the author is mother to 11 children, and has to keep to a budget to feed that kind of crowd. We want our family’s diets to be healthy and inexpensive, but we also want to prepare meals that they will EAT and that don't require us to spend hours in the kitchen at the expense of other family needs. The best resource I've ever seen for both helping families transition into a healthy diet, and to stay that way happily! The brand new bride is shown how to bake potatoes and all the other things like that, which I'll freely admit I didn't know how to do when I first got married. You can really tell these recipes have passed through the time-honored test of excellence--one husband and eleven hungry children, and the woman who cooks for them all! She walks you step by step through making your own of just about everything! I'm talking things like Homemade Mustard, Ketchup, Graham Crackers, Vanilla Flavoring, Ranch Dressing, Play Dough, canning beans, sprouting, and the list goes on. On nearly every recipe page, Martha also provides handy tips for the homemaker, giving helpful advice from frugal shopping, healthy eating, time saving preparation tips. and I'll admit that I often do better at reading recipes than I do actually trying them. You see, I want simple, easy, healthy, and quick when it comes to meals. “Martha's Family Cookery Book “ is exactly what I've always wanted, just didn't know existed! So, from one homemaker to another, it gets a two-thumbs-up, five star recommendation. I hope it blesses your kitchen just as much as it has mine.” ~ MOLLY
Leave a comment below if you try the recipe for yourself! 

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