Marmee's No-Bake Chocolate Oaties

Marmee's No-Bake Chocolate Oaties

No-Bake Chocolate Oaties can set you back in time....reviving your first memories of stirring up love in the kitchen with your mommy or granny. Maybe she tied her big apron around you that almost swallowed you up and you had to stand on a step stool to reach the bowl. Now my little ones are all grown up and I sometimes long for what "once was"....remember that today's little moments can become tomorrow's precious memories.


I found my little fella hiding behind the bed --
he had snitched the bowl and spoon to have the last lick of the chocolate batter! 

My recipe is a glorified "better for you" version of these renowned old-fashioned goodies. Some healthy ingredients like almond butter, virgin coconut oil make them "gooder than good!" 

The recipe is found in my cookbook "Make It Special: Homemade with Love" in the SNACKS & GOODIES section. I am sharing the recipe on a printable card for you here. You are welcome!

Trust me! I've tried other recipes and I've ended up with a pile of gooey mess on a sheet of wax paper with no way to eat them but to lick it off the sheet pan.  It's supposed to be easy and a sweet success every time. It gives a beginner cook confidence to stir up a winner. These are winners! 

Make it special!
I like to add a pretty pop of color and crunch on top! Find Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds here. I keep a bag of them in the freezer to keep them fresh.
If you use stevia sweetened chocolate chips for the topping - it reduces the sugar content of these treats. If you haven't tried these sugar-free chocolate chips - give it a whirl.  They are our favorites! 
I'd love to hear your comments of a goodie you are stirring up in your kitchen!


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