Sunshine-In-a-Jar using Integral Collagen 0

Over the past 3 years I have been doing some serious changing of bad habits to good habits for my well-being. A few of my changes are to:-No more a...
  • Martha Greene

County Fair White Bread 0

Adapted from Southern Living Collection (1987) by Marmeefor the BOSCH Kitchen Mixer                                      [PRINTABLE RECIPE CLICK H...
  • Martha Greene

How to Adapt a Cookbook's Recipe for a BOSCH Kitchen Mixer 0

If you have a BOSCH Kitchen Mixer you know it performs its best with a large batch of dough that yields 4 - 6 loaves. It makes baking bread for the...
  • Martha Greene
Best Summer Squash Casserole

Best Summer Squash Casserole 0

This is my favorite way to use fresh summer squash and zucchini from the garden to the table. Delicious! Using a Slicer-Shredder attachment to a l...

C-C-C Sticky Wings 0

Marmee's Recipe for C-C-C Sticky Wings These are tooooo delicious! Simple to make and oh just sooooo good you can't stop eating them! My family LOV...
  • Martha Greene

Best Broccoli Salad 0

This salad is sweet and crunchy. Broccoli, crumbled bacon, raisins and almonds, with a pop of sweet red onion tossed in a sweet tangy dressing. De...
  • Martha Greene