How I Make Homemade Mattress Linen Spray

How I Make Homemade Mattress Linen Spray

Clean and sweet smelling sheets, comfy mattress, at least two pillows....these are a few of my favorite things!  

It is so simple to make a mattress-linen spray yourself.  

SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED (if you make it like me)
-Witch Hazel
-Empty spray bottle (I prefer glass)
-Pure Essential Oils

The only hard part is deciding what essential oils to add to your homemade spray!  For an 8 oz. bottle you will  need 60 drops. If you want a stronger scent you can use up to 80 drops. This isn't a science--just drip, drip in drops and it will all be okay in the end!

First add witch hazel to your spray bottle - I fill it to about 2 inches from the top. Then drop in oils -- doTERRA bottles of pure essential oils have a drip insert when you remove that cap that will dispense 1 drop. 

My favorite oils to use are lavendar, lemon and peppermint. Then I add water to finish filling the bottle. Shake well before spritzing your linens. Keep it handy if you want to freshen up your pillowcases a bit before climbing into to bed.

These are the spray bottles I recommend. They are glass and I like my homemade concoctions to go into these beauties!  Plus they can be used over and over and over! 

I like to make my own bottle labels with my Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter. It stays on as long as I'd like but then is also easy to remove with no residue left behind. win-win! 

Sweet dreams!

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