Remembering Rubber Ducky, Bubbles & Little Boys

Remembering Rubber Ducky, Bubbles & Little Boys

Rubber Ducky, you're the one,
You make bath time lots of fun,
Rubber Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you;

Rubber Ducky, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of you.

As a momma to 8 boys (who are all grown up now..sniffle) there have been plenty of baths with lots of bubbles to scrub those little fellas clean again! We scrubbed them clean day after day but they always found the dirt again! We lived on acres in the country and they played to their hearts content outside and there was never any dirt that couldn't be scrubbed off! 

In our house-that-Roger built we had a huge cast iron double sink in the laundry room.  It was the perfect spot for Saturday night baths for dirty little boys, rubber ducky and lots of bubbles. When we sold that first home and started over - the sink was something I was NOT going to leave behind.  It came with us but I had no idea where it would find a space to put it...until our dream of a owning a farm came true a few years ago.  We were able to purchase the 88 acres farm that joins our 95 acres and give it lots of love and hard work to bring it back to life. 

Here sits "the sink" today in our venue's kitchen at The Farm at Greene Acres.

We obtained it way back in the '80's when the hospital that our first 3 children were born in was set for demolition.  We were given a tip that everything was being taken out before the wrecking crew started work.  Roger was able to get this gorgeous heavy cast iron sink from the janitors room at the hospital. 

Now 40 years later we still have the sink that came from the hospital where our first 3 children were born, where all our children enjoyed bubble baths to get squeaky clean and now is installed in the server's kitchen at our Farm. 

I just love things like this that fill my surroundings that have memories attached to them. I'd love to hear about a favorite memory of rubber ducky or anything to do with fluffy bubbles and bathtime fun for your little ones!

My little grand loves to play in a tin tub on my back porch with bubbles. 

Big sink or tin tub....It's free homemade fun especially if Rubber Ducky is there!



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  • Martha Greene
Comments 10
  • Gabrielle

    I love putting my babies in the sink! And they love water, bubbles, and rubber duckies! My little ones always play in a tub with a little water outside when it is warm. I have such warm memories of each little one playing and having fun. My twins were each on one side of the kitchen sink a few years ago, too. It was so cute!

  • Judy Joiner
    Judy Joiner

    All of my children loved the rubber ducky! It finally was lost to over-use. I bought a new one a few years back with the coming grandbabies.

  • Deb Balfour Buonocore
    Deb Balfour Buonocore

    ‘LOVE that old farmhouse sink…. My Gram had one in her “flat” and it was SO deep, she’d give us baths in it when we were little and stayed overnight! Great memories.

  • Susan Campbell
    Susan Campbell

    I enjoy reading your beautiful stories. I feel like I am there.

  • Joy Lehr
    Joy Lehr

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts!

  • Betty Young
    Betty Young

    One of my favorite pictures of my two sons is of them taking a bubble bath together with ‘bubble beards’! Such fun times!

  • Sharon Odio
    Sharon Odio

    I never knew about that sink. That is such a piece of history! Thanks for sharing the memories with us!

  • Jane Martin
    Jane Martin

    I ❤ rubber duckies as much as I love chocolate….well almost.

  • Victoria


    I’ve just entered MY season of motherhood after helping my own Mom and many others in our lives with theirs! I have learned much from you as my Mom introduced me to your ministry years ago when she was seeking instruction and encouragement on her journey. Thank you for all that you have taught us both!

    I was so happy to see that your blog and business are still active and THAT you have a FB page. I’m not sure what is more exciting…Receiving this gift of a little one from God or being able to announce to mine and my husband’s parents that they will be Grandparents (he and I are the oldest and so this is the very first Grandbaby on both sides!!!!).

    Thank you!

  • Pat MIlls
    Pat MIlls

    I love reading your stories about how your sweet family started out or how you got to here today. And it is so sweet to have memories like this of raising your children and to be able to hold on to something from their past. I would love to have one of those old sinks in my laundry room!

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