Thanksgiving Day: The Great Boat Float

Thanksgiving Day: The Great Boat Float

Once again Thanksgiving is upon us in just a few weeks.  For our annual family tradition, THE GREAT BOAT FLOAT, I've gotten a volunteer to build the boats for yet another year of fun! We have wood scraps aplenty around here with the family full of carpenters. We celebrate the pilgrims long and difficult journey across the ocean in the Mayflower. Without their sacrifice, many of us wouldn't be enjoying our beautiful homeland today. 

Here is our pattern. Click Here.  Download and Print it for FREE!
Cut the boat base from scrap wood 
Drill a small hole 3/8 inch deep to insert a bamboo skewer.
On the day of the boat float have card stock weight paper and markers for everyone who participates to personalize and make their sails. If you use bright colored paper, it can be easier for the children to identify their boat once it begins its journey.   

We usually have a small prize for the winner - the boat that crosses the finish line first! A metal sailboat pencil sharpener makes a great prize idea! 

This fun activity on Thanksgiving Day is a great opportunity to teach our children some history about the Mayflower Voyage across the ocean before the GREAT BOAT FLOAT begins. 

The creek at Greene Acres

"The Pilgrims had a long and difficult journey across the Atlantic Ocean. A storm blew them off course so instead of landing in Virginia, they landed further north in Cape Cod. The Pilgrims decided to settle in this area and called it Plymouth. . The Pilgrims finally stepped foot on land in November of 1620. This was not the best time to establish a colony. It was very difficult for the Pilgrims to find food and shelter in the middle of winter. By the time spring arrived, half of the colonists had died. When spring arrived the Pilgrims set out to plant crops and build their colony. They Pilgrims were told how to plant corn and other crops and how to trap animals for food and clothing by Samoset and Squanto. By fall the colony was saved and to celebrate their success they celebrated the first Thanksgiving."

What annual tradition do you enjoy with your family on Thanksgiving Day?

I love hearing from all of you!


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