The Tale of Greene Acres Country Market

The Tale of Greene Acres Country Market

Once upon a time, there was a Family. They lived the old-fashioned country life on 7 woody acres, and called it home ~ Greene Acres. It was the simple life they loved! They built their own house, grew a big garden, baked their own bread, and made these acres home. They reared a houseful of children and when it came to raising, there was Sally the Sow, Little Red Hen and her chicks, Cocky-Locky Rooster, Mr. Tom Turkey, Cindy, the Pooch, CremeHilda, the Kitten, and other critters that roamed the acres.

Greene Acres was the place to be ~ Farm livin' was the life we loved! Fresh Air! Fresh Bread! and our Country Store! They came. . . .They shopped ~ 'Til we shooed them out the door!

If you drove far enough, and looked close enough, you could see the little hand-painted sign marking GREENE ACRES COUNTRY MARKET, and you knew that you had arrived - IF - you continued on the windy, bumpy drive thru the woods. Thinking no one would ever find the little market way out yonder down that road named "Leopard", the Family enjoyed it anyway. It was a boon to have a store in the backyard!

The market was the Family Workshop-Barn turned country store - all the Oldies who came sat a spell on that old front porch in the wooden swings. The Younguns ran in the fresh air, caught fireflies & bugs, dipped their toes into Patchwork Puddle, and nibbled on gummy bears & sesame stix.

The wood shelves were filled with every sort of sundries the cook and baker would use. BOSCH mixers, black beans, brown rice, bulgar, bakers pans, baking powder, broccoli, baskets, bushels of wheat, books for the cook and more.

Then one day They started coming. First a few and then some more. She said, "If you build it -They will come!" Some days the little road creaked from all the back & forth-coming & going. Each one,told one, and so the little market grew and grew. The Family found new friends every week who visited this little country store in the woods. The friends and shoppers made memories and always left with a wave from the Family and with a sackful of wholesome foods and sundries from GREENE ACRES.

One day the Family found new acres...a 130 acre wood. The children were yearning for bigger spaces to roam and the time had come to move on and tame new wild and thickety acres. Then when the long road dipped down and around the curve, all that could be seen was the little hand-painted sign, worn & weathered from years of rain and sun, with a note nailed on: "SOLD - Please come see us another time...another year."
THE END [circa 1994 - 2002]

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  • Martha Greene
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