It's Fall at Greene Acres!

It's Fall at Greene Acres! 0

  HAPPY OCTOBER! It was a gorgeous Fall day yesterday and I was able to do what I love best-- play house. I decorated our front porch for the seas...
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The Tale of Greene Acres Country Market

The Tale of Greene Acres Country Market 0

Once upon a time, there was a Family. They lived the old-fashioned country life on 7 woody acres, and called it home ~ Greene Acres. It was the sim...
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Beginnings 1

"Built from Scratch: A Love Story" I want you to write a book, dear. A book about us. You and me. Our story. Where would I begin? Once upon a time....
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Dragging Through Your Day?

Dragging Through Your Day? 0

I use pure essential oil of peppermint in a teeny tiny beadlet. Freshens my breath and suddenly I feel perky too! Pure therapeutic grade essential ...

Free Summer Fun for Children 0

Who doesn't like free fun! This type of fun is basically mess free...well I might should say stain-free? And a little water never hurt anyone...the...
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Remembering Momsy 0

My Momsy saved keepsakes in a very organized fashion! She had large envelopes filled with every letter and card we had made her over the years in ...